Whistler 3D Solutions specializes in mapping ski resorts (and other geographical regions). We identify all features, and then recreate them in a virtual (3D) world. We take advantage of Google’s powerful program: Google Earth, along with the Google Earth Plug-in to create an amazing interactive environment.

Our first project was reproducing Whistler Blackcomb’s massive ski area into an accurate and detailed 3D Trail Map. Our map allows you to explore the Whistler Blackcomb ski area like never before, discovering it’s true size and layout. We have also released several other ski resorts, including some in the US.

To better understand our work, please view the Whistler map. It usually receives new features first and is therefore the best example of what we are capable of providing. For example, it is currently the only map which also has a summer version showing the hiking and biking trails found in and around Whistler, British Columbia.

The maps are also available as an application for your mobile device:

Android           iOS (Apple)

We are constantly researching and developing new features to improve our product.  At Whistler 3D Solutions we are pushing the limits of the Google Earth API (Application Programming Interface), coming up with exciting new ways to display useful content.  We have created an interactive platform to display information about your product: including written descriptions, pictures, video and even 3D tours.  Working with Whistler 3D Solutions, you can introduce customers to an easy-to-understand, accurate display of your product.